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Wind Chargers and Towed Water Generators

Leading Edge, Rutland Windchargers, LVM Generators,

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Leading Edge Wind Chargers

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Leading Edge LE-300 Wind generator

The LE-300 features a fully integrated 3-phase Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) that uses the latest, most powerful neodymium iron boron magnet technology. This gives the LE-300 a very low cut-in speed allowing the turbine to generate power at low windspeeds, as well as delivering over 300w at higher windspeeds.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the turbine blades are incredibly quiet, UV resistant and extremely tough. Of equal importance, is the LE300’s ability to run at high output during ‘big’ winds for prolonged periods as it is designed to run through even the highest winds.

  • Weight 5.5kg
  • 85watts @ 8m/s (18mph)
  • 250 watts at 28 MPH
  • 2 year warranty
  • 12v, 24v versions available

Comes complete with charge regulator DL300 and run/stop switch LE300

Technical data sheet

User Manual

LE-300 and Rutland 913/914i Comparison Graph


LE-300 Wind generator
£649.00 inc

Rutland (Marlec) Wind Chargers

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Rutland 504 wind charger

A completely unique mini windcharger designed with the weekend yachtsman in mind. The Rutland 503 is ideal for trickle charging batteries on board vessels less that 10m in length with battery banks of up to 100Ah. This latest model follows the success of its predecessor the Rutland 500/503 with a number of enhancements including performance and styling.

  • Produces 25w in 19 Knots
  • Produces up to 60w, nominally 5A @ 12V in 50 Knots more info

504 data Sheet 503/4 User manual

Rutland 504

12v £299.00 inc

12v Rutland 504 Windcharger plus HRS503 Regulator Package. Plus 10m of 2mm2 tinned marine cable.

12v £349.00 inc

Rutland 913 wind charger

The Rutland 913 is designed for marine use on board coastal and ocean going yachts usually over 10m in length. This unit will generate enough power to serve both domestic and engine batteries on board and controllers are available for dual battery charging.

  • Generates 90w at 19 knots, 24w at 10 knots
  • Delivers up to 250w

913 User Manual

12v £469.00 inc
Sold out
24v £489.00 inc
Sold out

Rutland 914i wind charger

The well known Rutland Windcharger has undergone a power output uplift through the use of latest electronics technology.  The new style Rutland 914i  is the next generation of 910mm (3ft) diameter turbines from Marlec with an increase in power output of over 30% from the same compact blade size. 10knots the 914i produces over 17% more power than the 913 model and at 15knots this rises to a 38% increase in expected annual energy output. 

Rutland 914i
12v £599.00 inc
24v £599.00 inc

Rutland FM910-4 furlmatic wind charger

The Furlmatic 910-4 shares the same power performance as the Rutland 913 but incorporates a "furling" tail system designed to orient the turbine at 90Degrees to the prevailing wind in wind speeds above 35mph (15m/s). This allows the turbine to slow down, continuing to produce power whilst reducing wear on the unit. Use in applications where windspeeds are frequently high and sustained over long periods. FM910-4 User manual

12v £629.00 inc

24v £629.00 inc

HRSI 12/24 Regulator for 504 913 and FM910 etc.

HRSI Data Sheet

HRSI Regulator
£69.00 inc

HRDI 12/24 Regulator for 504 913 and FM910 etc

HRDI Data Sheet

HRDI Manual

Rutland HRDI
£145.00 inc

HRDI Remote Dsplay Panel

View the display information of the HRDi controller at a more convenient location such as the instrument panel
  • Recess Panel Mount
  • Reprogrammable features
  • 3m connecting cable supplied
  • Can be used to stall Windcharger

Dims: 125 x 60 mm cut out and 130 x 80mm fascia Weight: 0.184kg

HRDI Remote
£79.00 inc

HRS12 & HRS24 Regulator

12 or 24V. The PWM electronic charge regulator tapers charge to the battery to limit current and avoid battery overcharge. When regulating the Windcharger speed is reduced. Built in blocking diode protects HRS HRS unit for single battery bank LED indication of charging, regulating battery voltage. Designed for use with Rutland 503, 913 orFM910-3 plus up to 100w of solar.

503 12v £45.00 inc
503 24v £45.00 inc

Marine mounting kit 503/504

Marine Mounting Kit supplied in 2 sections of stainless steel plus deck fixing and fasteners.

2 x 1.0 m stainless steel tubes Tube joiner & fasteners Deck brackets Guy brackets & fasteners etc * Deck through bolts NOT included

Marine Mounting kit data sheet

£105.00 inc

Marine mounting kit 913/914i

Marine Mounting Kit supplied in 2 sections of stainless steel plus deck fixing and fasteners.

2 x 1.2 m stainless steel tubes Tube joiner & fasteners Deck brackets Guy brackets & fasteners etc. * Deck through bolts NOT included

Marine Mounting kit data sheet

£119.00 inc

Marine mounting stays kit for 913 and 504

The stays kit is versatile enough to suit most stern rail mountings and is used to stabilise any of the two pole kits available. The kit includes 2 x 1.2m length stays to cut to size if required with 4 end caps. Hinged clamps to fix to the rail have a 32mm diameter with rubber inserts to absorb any vibration that may occur and to reduce to 25mm. For 22mm rails a 25mm hinged clamp is available on request.

Net Weight:2.44 Kg. Packed Weight:3.00 Kg. Pack Dimensions: 1210 x 100 x 60 mm.
Part No: CA-12/32

Marine Stays Data sheet

Marine Stays Kit Instructions

£109.00 inc
500mm stainless pole for 504 /503
£22.00 inc
1000mm stainless pole for 504 /503
£29.00 inc
600mm stainless pole for 913
£24.00 inc
1200mm stainless pole for 913
£35.00 inc
Spare 913 blades
£13.00 inc
913 hub bearing kit
£18.00 inc
503 hub bearing kit
£18.00 inc

LVM Generators

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LVM Aero2gen The ideal small wind generator for weekend yachtsmen, small yachts and low power land applications. Weighing only 5 kilos the design can ensure that batteries are maintained and fully charged for each visit and make a contribution whilst sailing/caravanning. The Aero2gen produces:

  • 0.5 amps at 12 knots.(12 amp hours per day
  • 1.0 amp at 19 knots. (24 amp hours per day)

Aero2gen Instructions

£449.00 inc

LVM Aero4gen Produces more power for the cruising yachtsmen, static and mobile caravans and many land applications with significant power use. It can provide sufficient power for cruising yachts with significant electrical equipment, even refrigeration. The Aero4gen produces:

  • 2 amps at 13 knots.(48 amp hours per day)
  • 6 amps at 20 knots.(144 amp hours per day)
  • 19 amps continuously in 60 knot winds.

Aero4gen Instructions

£679.00 inc

LVM Aero6gen This powerful generator is the ideal unit for live aboard yachtsmen, long stay caravaners, summer houses and applications with high power usage. The Aero6gen produces:

  • 4 amps at 12 knots.(96 amp hours per day)
  • 10 amps at 20 knots.( 240 amp hours per day)
  • 30 amps continuously in 45 knot winds and higher.

Aero6gen Instructions

£999.00 inc

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