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Navtex, AIS Equipment

Moerer WIB and NASA, Navtex: ICS McMurdo, All AIS Equipment,

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Moerer and NASA Navtext and Weather Equipment

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LCJ Capteurs BaroPlug

First of its kind, BaroPlug features a MICRO-C plug and a LED indicator.  Simply plug it into the NMEA backbone, and read immediately the atmospheric pressure on any compatible display.

3 year warranty

BaroPlug user Manual


£139.00 inc Buy Now

MOERER WIB2BX - NAVTEX 490 and 518 kHz with Barograph. Simultaneous receive on both frequecies. Precision air pressure sensor with 7 days of data stored. Connection to external antenna for even greater coverage. Comes complete with active antenna or marine magnetic balun. Please state in cart your choice.

WIB2BX Data Sheet

£379.00 inc Buy Now

NASA PC Navtex Pro Engine 2 USB two channel Navtex receiver 10 - 16V will receive Navtext messages without PC switched on. Complete with external active antenna.

PC Navtext Pro2 Manual

Nasa PC Navtex

£125.00 inc Buy Now

NASA Easy Navtex

Large font for easy viewing, Programmable dual freq switching, 50mA at 12v operation

Easy Navtext Manual

Nasa Easy Navtext

£259.00 inc Buy Now

NASA Clipper Weatherman

Weatherman Manual

Nasa Weatherman

£269.00 inc Buy Now
NASA Clipper AIS Radar System. Latest version with AIS Sart and COG pointer.

Nasa Radar Manual

Nasa Clipper AIS

£249.00 inc Buy Now
NASA Antenna rail mount bracket Navtex Weatherman Meteoman etc.

Nasa Rail Mount

£20.00 inc Buy Now
NASA Stirrup mount for AIS navtex Weatherman Meteoman etc.

£20.00 inc Buy Now
Serial to USB adaptors 9 pin input
£15.00 inc Buy Now

NAVTEX Equipment

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McMurdo ICS Nav6 V1 Dual (No NMEA repeat) Complete with aerial.

£359.00 inc Buy Now
McMurdo ICS Nav6 Plus V2 complete with aerial
£559.00 inc Buy Now

McMurdo ICS Nav6A V1 Plus without external antenna needs a long wire or use a short whip.

£439.00 inc Buy Now

McMurdo ICS Nav6A Plus complete with Vitronics AA20 mast mounted active antenna.

£499.00 inc Buy Now
McMurdo ICS Nav6 repeater
£299.00 inc Buy Now

McMurdo ICS Nav4+

Brochure and User manual

McMurdo ICS Nav4 plus £299.00 inc Buy Now
ICS Nav6 V1 replacement receiver and antenna.
  £239.00 inc Buy Now
ICS Nav6 V2 replacement receiver and antenna
  £249.00 inc Buy Now
ICS Nav6 Stainless steal antenna extension.
  £19.00 inc Buy Now
ICS Nav6 Sun Cover. NAV6.02 6020.03
  £22.00 inc SOLD OUT
ICS Nav6 Gimble U bracket NAV6.01 6020.00
  £45.00 inc Buy Now
ICS Nav6 10m extension cable NAV6.01 6020.19
  £39.00 inc Buy Now
Mscan Meteo Software Weatherfax, Navtex, RTTY, DWD weather, GRIB files etc.  PC and communications receiver required. 
£169.00 inc Buy Now

AIS Equipment

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QUARK QK-A027 Wireless AIS+GPS Receiver With SeaTalk Converter.

QK-A027 is a compact dual channel, VHF AIS receiver and is able to receive information from both AIS frequencies simultaneously. It includes an integrated GPS module that can track up to 22 satellites on 66 channels. It can also combine one external Seatalk1 data source with GPS and AIS messages. This single data stream is then transmitted synchronously via WiFi, USB and RS422.

Drivers can be downloaded here.

Application notes can be downloaded here.

Quark A027 £99.00 inc Buy Now
Onwa KS-200A Class B AIS. Good priced Class B, None NMEA2000, NMEA 0183 / DB9 serial port output only, comes complete with external GPS antenna. 12/24 volts operation. One output at 38k baud with a 9 pin Cannon connector data port. Comes with serial DB9 data cable for PC programming and another cable with bare wires to interface to a chartplotter.

Quick Start Guide

User Manual

Install Manual

AISconfig V1.10 software

AIS programming tool manual

Onwa KS200A £349.00 inc Buy Now
em-track Class B AIS B100
  • Next generation Rmax high performance AIS class B transponder
  • NMEA2000, NMEA0183 and USB connectivity
  • In built data logger SD card slot can be used to keep record of all AIS activity for up to 30 day
  • Low power consumption
  • GPS antenna included
  • 12/24V DC
  • 3 year warranty



Em-track B100 £399.00 inc Buy Now

emtrack Sailor package consisting of the above B100 plus the S-100 AIS Class B splitter.


Em-track B100emtrak S100 £499.00 inc Buy Now
em-track Class B AIS B330
  • Fully certified AIS Class B
  • Ruggedised Waterproof – IP67 certified
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Low power consumption
  • Integrated high performance GPS antenna
  • Integrated long range WiFi
  • HF-AIS Technology
  • Silent mode feature
  • NMEA0183 & NMEA2000 ensures plug and play compatibility with most display systems
  • 12/24V DC
  • 3 Year warranty



em-track B330 £559.00 inc Buy Now
em-track S-100 Class B AIS Splitter works with Class B transponders and receivers.

Zero loss design, 12/24v

3 Year warranty



emtrak S100 £185.00 inc Buy Now

em-track AIS A100 Class A Automatic Identification System transceiver features a compact combined Display/AIS transponder unit with a high contrast LCD & rotarty control knob for quick data selection & entry via the keypad. 12 watt output with a 2 second update rate and priority over class B transmissions.

Special offer with VHF AIS antenna and GPS with all brackets to fit a Class A to a vessel anywhere in the world. We can ship this package worldwide in 3 days.

3 year warranty



emtrack AIS A100 £1299.00 inc Buy Now

Mc Murdo Smartfind S10 AIS beacon.

The Smartfind S10 AIS Beacon will transmit continuously for a minimum of 24 hours, regularly update position information.. Waterproof to 60m and buoyant, it also features a flashing LED light to assist with visual fixing and night-time location. Measuring 199 x 51mm and weighing just 186g, it is small and light, making it easily portable. The beacon is easy to activate, with a simple two-stage activation function that can be used, even when wearing gloves.

McMurdo S10

£119.00 inc

Buy Now

Simrad Navico NAIS 500N Class B AIS Transponder for leisure craft. Non Solas. NMEA2000 with GPS-500antenna


Navico NAIS 400

£649.00 inc Buy Now

Simrad Navico NSPL 500 Class B AIS Splitter.

Note this unit comes will all cables other cheaper units can cost more after you have sourced or made the cables.


Install Manual

ClassB Splitter

£209.00 inc Buy Now

Raymarine AIS350 The Raymarine AIS350 is a dual channel parallel type receiver.. E32157

Handbook here

Raymarine AIS350
£365.00 inc
Buy Now

Raymarine AIS650 The Raymarine AIS650 is a dual channel Class B transdponder. E32158

Handbook here

Raymarine AIS350
£639.00 inc
Buy Now
Raymarine A80190 The Raymarine active AIS splitter for Class B and receivers.
Raymarine A80190
£269.00 inc
Buy Now
NASA AIS 3 Engine with NMEA output. . Made in UK.


£115.00 inc Buy Now

McMurdo Smartfind M15S AIS Receiver. Dual frequency with built in splitter and NMEA 0183, USB outputs (128mm(w) x 36(h) x 88(d)

Part 21300002A


McMurdo SF M10 £249.00 inc Buy Now
Comar AIS-2-NMEA AIS2 NMEA Receiver engine dual channel parallel receiver with NMEA output. . Made in UK.Comar AIS2 Receiver data sheet


£199.00 inc Buy Now
Comar AIS-2- USB Receiver engine dual channel parallel receiver USB powered. Best price performance engine on the market. Comar AIS2 Receiver data sheet


£189.00 inc Buy Now
Comar ASR100 Splitter for AIS receivers. Comar ASR100 Splitter data sheet

 Comar ASR100

£139.00 inc Buy Now
Comar NMEA-2-WIFI unit that provides a low cost method of setting up a wireless network on board and to use available Apps on your iPhone, iPad or PC to display all your electronic data including position, AIS data, depth, wind and compass information. Now avaliable ad-hoc for multiple devices and adroide.
NMEA-2-WiFi data sheet

 Comar NMEA WiFi

£205.00 inc Buy Now
 PL259 to PL259 patch lead 1m for use with Easy AIS receiver
£9.00 inc Buy Now
 BNC to BNC patch lead 1m for use with Easy or other AIS receivers
£9.00 inc Buy Now
 Car Radio patch lead 1m for use with Easy or other AIS receivers
£9.00 inc Buy Now
 Car Radio extension lead 3m
£12.00 inc Buy Now

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